Selfie First

selfie first

Selfie first now becomes one of the most popular phrase in the world. In 2013, the word ‘selfie’ came into being in Oxford Dictionary as a new popular term in the world. The quick rise of selfie phenomenon is very often related to the advance of technological improvement especially in gadgets and smartphones.

What is selfie? selfie by definition simply means self-portrayed. You take pictures by your own self by using our own hand or a stick called ‘tongsis’. Because of the nearness distance between the camera and the self as the object, selfie-photo can only capture predominantly the face. Sometimes, we find that there is something like ‘rule of the game’ of doing selfie, such as our mouth and eyes should be opened.

Becoming so popular today, taking selfie-photo is supposed to be a normal thing to do by anyone in any time and place. No matter where does the social and economic class you come from, you can do selfie if you want to do. However, there are some controversies about this. One of them is that selfie often considered as an improper thing to do particularly in a certain social context, at funeral for example. This is why when Barrack Obama, David Cameroon, and Helle Thorning-Schmidt were taking selfie pictures at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, many people consider that as a disrespectful attitude. More ironically, they are the heads of the states which means that people pay attention to them not only as persons but also as symbols of the states.

Why people do selfie? There are various arguments among the scholars answering this question. Some scholars say it has something to do with a sense of self-love. Self-love means loving your own self more than everyone in the world. It is often considered as narcissistic attitude. The root of this argument can be mainly referred to Sigmund Freud’s. Some other scholars, especially those who are considered as digital-optimists, say that it is just a part of technological advancement which has something to do with the social media, gadgets, and smartphones. Whatever the reason is, selfie now is becoming more and more popular.

When was the first selfie photo-taken? it is definitely difficult to answer. Allegedly, people have taken their own picture since they lived in a cave. They did selfie  not by using camera of course because it hasn’t been invented yet, but by painting their own self on the wall of the cave. We never know who is the first person doing selfie but the point is it has been done since thousands years ago.

To sum up, selfie is now being part of our everyday life. Even if we are allergic with selfie, many people around us still very happy with it. We live in a digital era, through social media we can easily publish our own picture whenever we want. I don’t want to prohibit people who want to do selfie, but I just emphasize them to understand the social context before doing selfie.